If your situation is an emergency or you are in danger, please report the incident to Security by ringing  0161 295 3333 and/ or the Police on 999 (for emergencies)  or 101 for non emergencies BEFORE you use Report & Support.

Crisis information can be found here

We recommend that you download the Safe Zone app so you can quickly alert Security of anything that happens.

For wellbeing and mental health support, contact our 24-hour Student CareFirst telephone helpline

Offensive Materials can now be reported using this platform. This could include leaflets, stickers, graffiti etc. 

There are many reasons people may become involved in modern slavery. Poverty is often a major factor that makes people vulnerable to this type of exploitation. Experiencing poverty and exclusion can cause people to take risks as they feel desperate and lacking in options. Some people may be victims of this type of exploitation because of coercion or expectation from family or people around them, for example in cases of child marriage and descent-based slavery. Some people may be more vulnerable to being tricked or trapped due to their health or personal circumstances. 


There are two ways you can tell us what happened