When you report racism through Report and Support or any other way you will be supported and guided through the process. We may also have to support the person that has been accused of racism, but this will not affect the support you get from us (they will be different people). The person you speak to will be able to let you know what is going to happen and will get your consent before we tell anyone, or start a more formal process. 
If you are worried that it might, for example, affect your grades, if you report someone, it won’t. Victimisation happens when you are treated differently because you have reported something and it is illegal and will not happen if you report racist behaviour. 
 The University of Salford Students’ Union will support you if you have been a victim of racism. You can email them at advicecentre-ussu@salford.ac.uk 

You may prefer to speak to someone outside of the University instead of, or as well as, our services. 
Greater Manchester Police: You can report racism directly to the police as a hate crime and get support through them. We can also help you do this if you report it through the University.  
Victim Support. When you report a crime to the police, they should automatically ask you if you would like help from an organisation like Victim Support. But anyone affected by crime can contact them directly – you don’t need to talk to the police to get Victim Support help 
Neighbourhood Policing Teams. The GMP website provides a list of Neighbourhood Policing Teams by each area of Manchester, who you can contact to gather details of your Neighbourhood Policing Team; how to arrange a visit from your Neighbourhood Policing Team and local support agencies. 
Greater Manchester Victims’ Services website provides useful information and practical advice for victims and survivors of crime, and their families. You can use it to find help, regardless of when the crime happened, or whether or not you reported it to the police. 
Kick it Out  English football’s equality and inclusion organisation. Working throughout the football, educational and community sectors to challenge discrimination, they encourage inclusive practices and campaign for positive change. 
Race Equality First  Works towards the principal of equality and creating a fair and just society. They provide support, advice, leadership and an influential voice for people who face discrimination, harassment, hate crime and disadvantage.