At Salford we want to be an anti-racist University. We believe that racism is under reported and we want to change this. If you have witnessed  racism or been a victim of racism (including micro aggressions)  it is important that you report it here. We will take it seriously and we will provide you with support.  
You may be concerned about the consequences of making a complaint in case it affects your relationship with the person concerned, or you may be worried that you might suffer victimisation for having brought the complaint. If you are concerned about this, please make this known when you make your complaint. University staff will then be able to work with you to decide how best to address your concerns.
 Remember all forms of racism are #NeverOK
 Coercion is a word used to describe the act of persuading or forcing someone to do something by using threats or violence. People can be coerced into acting in a certain way or doing things they wouldn’t usually do. This could include handing over money, personal belongings or bank details, being involved in criminal activity or unwanted sexual activity.

Coercion can be used by partners and people who act as friends. Groups can also befriend people to manipulate and exploit them using coercion and may do this through internet groups, chat rooms or gaming sites for example. This is often particularly prevalent on the internet, where relationships can be developed quickly. Threats, intimidation, physical and emotional abuse, violence and blackmail are all ways that people can coerce others to undertake things they don’t want to do.

Coercion is a cruel tactic used to take advantage of people. Victims can be left humiliated and suffer mental health issues, financial problems and become involved in the criminal justice system. 

There are two ways you can tell us what happened