Get support from a friend or family member. Talking things through with someone you trust can sometimes help the immediate situation and help you think through what, if anything, you want to do.  If you aren’t ready to talk yet, writing things down can also help. 

Emergency help
Think about whether you are safe. 
If you or others are seriously hurt or in immediate physical danger you can call the police or ambulance on 999.  This includes if you think you, or someone else, may be about to attempt suicide. 
 If you are on a University campus, after calling 999 you may wish to contact the University Security Service (emergencies: 0161 295 3333) for additional support and to help the emergency services reach you quickly. 

Non-emergency help and next steps
Security on campus: 
 You can contact the University’s Security Service by phone from any campus, or go to the Security Office at Maxwell Well on Peel Park Campus, 24 hours a day (down the road to left of main Maxwell entrance then turn right and ring the intercom). 

If you require medical treatment but not urgently, you can contact the St Mary’s Centre (Sexual Assault Referral Centre – a specialist service for you) helpline 0161 276 6515, or Access NHS Services (this website describes the different services and also allows you to search for services near you).  If you are not sure what help to access you can call the NHS non-emergency advice line 111. 
Take care of yourself 
 If you are not at risk now...  
  • Try to find somewhere safe and warm 
  • If you can, phone a friend to come to you 
  • If you think you might want forensic evidence to be collected, try, if possible, not to drink, eat, wash, smoke, brush your teeth, go to the toilet or change your clothes. 
  • If condoms or other protection were used and you think you might want forensic evidence to be collected, keep them, and any bedding, in a clean paper or plastic bag if possible. 
  • You can also choose to do nothing now. If you feel that it would be useful for you to take time and to think about the options open to you then that is a perfectly valid decision.  
  • Consider contacting a support agency.