If the report you are making is an emergency or you are in danger, please report the incident to Security  by ringing  0161 295 3333 and/ or the Police on 999 (for emergencies)  or 101 for non emergencies BEFORE you use Report & Support.

Crisis information can be found here

We recommend that you download the Safe Zone app so you can quickly alert Security of anything that happens.

For wellbeing and mental health support, contact our 24-hour Student CareFirst telephone helpline

OFFENSIVE MATERIAL - we are now encouraging colleagues and students to report any offensive material that you see on campus. This could include leaflets, stickers, graffiti etc.  You can upload images of the material to let us know. Please use the WITH CONTACT DETAILS option to do this. 

 The process of radicalisation can be different for each person but in many cases happens over a long period of time. Radicalisers may use the internet (social media, online gaming) or interest groups, to befriend and begin to indoctrinate someone towards an ideology or set of beliefs that are extreme and can lead to criminality or in some cases, terrorism.

Radicalisers often present extreme ideologies in a way which appeals to the grievances of the individual they are trying to radicalise. These beliefs and ideologies may appear credible at first but during the process of radicalisation usually become increasingly extreme. 

There are two ways you can tell us what happened