As a University community, we consider the safety and wellbeing of our students to be extremely important. We want to ensure as far as possible, that students are able to learn and achieve safely, free from abuse, harassment and harm. To help us to this, we have appointed a number of Designated Safeguarding Officers to work across the different departments within the University. It is the job of the Designated Safeguarding Officers to offer advice, guidance and support around safeguarding issues and to promote a safe environment for all our students and staff to work and study in. Once you have reported any safeguarding concerns, they will be reviewed by a Designated Safeguarding Officer who will be able to look at the next steps that may need to be taken to help.

Please use this form to report any safeguarding concerns you may have. This function can be used by anyone in the University community to report safeguarding concerns about students and/or staff. Please be aware that you may be contacted by a Designated Safeguarding Officer for more information or so they can offer support and advice.

If you would like further information about safeguarding, what this means and how as a University, we respond to these kinds of concerns you can have a look at the University Safeguarding Policy and associated documents.