We want to create a safe and inclusive campus for all here at Salford. The University of Salford and USSU believe that any form of violence, sexual harassment, discrimination and hate is #NeverOK. 

Acts of harassment and violence committed because of a person’s identity often start with negative attitudes, beliefs and stereotypes about other people. These beliefs are cultivated through exposure and repeated reinforcement by those around them and they can form prejudices. These prejudices can present in a variety of forms including: 

·       Dis/ableism 
·       Homophobia 
·       Racism 
·       Islamophobia 
·       Anti-Semitism 
·       Sexism 
·       Transphobia 
·       Classism 

Most harassment goes unchallenged and unreported. Perhaps the person feels frightened or that their complaint wouldn’t be taken seriously. If unchallenged these negative beliefs can lead to prejudicial and biased behaviour and potentially more serious acts of discrimination hate and violence. 

We want you to Speak Up, because sexual violence and harassment are #NeverOK. 

We are planning a number of campaigns around #NeverOK; we would love colleagues and students to be involved in helping us with planning and putting these events on. If you are interested get in touch with us at Report-It@salford.ac.uk